DodoFilm Productions is an artist-run, independent film company based in the city of Oslo, Norway. The company's profile includes production of artistic documentaries, short and experimental films, video art; photography, promo videos, documentation and live streams of various cultural events ( Dimitri Lurie ) as well as design and making of theatre and cinema costumes ( Vera Mokhova ).

We also produce and curate various cultural events with an international dimension such as art exhibitions, film screenings and concerts.


11. September - 17 October  Kunstnernes hus / Artists' Hous, Oslo, Norway

An experimental film "Solmonopolet / The Sun Monopoly"  by Dimitri Lurie  selected by The National jury of  the 134, Statens Kunstutstilling - Høstutstillingen 2021  is on display at the The Norways art Exhibition - Autumn Exhibition taking place at the Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo.

Earlier two other artwork by Dimitri has been shown at this main annual art show. in Norway,

In 2007 Dimitri won one of The Autumn Exhibition art prizes - Norges Rederifobunds pris.

27. April - 27 Juni, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien, Norway.

Our creative documentary "Theatre of Tears" takes part in a group exhibition "Undersokelser av det felles eide" .

Utstillingen er støttet av Regionale prosjektmidler for visuell kunst og Fritt ord.

April' 2021

Our creative documentary "Hermit" , that was purchased by the Norwegian Film Institute is now available for public via the Deichman library's v.o.d. service Filmbib.no

March' 2021

Dimitri Lurie has recieved two Gralha International Film Awards (Curtiba, Brazil) as the Best director and the Best editor of experimental film, for his 16=mm mysterial drama "Between C & D".

Our experimental Super8-mm film "Solmonopolet / The Sun Monopoly" with an original score by Fangarm is selected for a competition programm of the 1-st edition of a Sicilia based Festival del Cinema di Cefalù.

The screenings will go both off- and online through out the period, May 1 – August 31, 2021.

A creative documentary "Hermit" by Dimitri Lurie is among the new titles purchased by the Norwegian Film Institute for the public distribution via V.O.D. service Filmbib.no. The film will be available for free streaming to all users of Deichman library in Norway by the spring` 2021.

When Lurie`s experimantal short film "Between C & D" is available on Filmbib from November' 2020.

24.12 - 24.01.2021 Komi National Gallery, Syktyvkar, Russia.

Dimitri Lurie's work is on display at the Komi National Gallery as part of a retrospective exhibition

History of the development of multimedia art in Leningrad – St. Petersburg, 1985-2000".


4-7 Desember. Kinoskop - festival analognog filma, Belgrade, Serbia.

"Between C & D" by Dimitri Lurie is selected for a competition of the Kinoskop' 2020 - an indie niche festival dedicated to the exploratory tendencies and experimental ways of working with celluloid in the digital era, and a showcase of imaginative works of cinema.

6 November, 2020 - 2025, Filmbib.no, Deichman Library, Norway.

Our film "Between C & D", purchased by the Norwegian Film Institute, is now available on-line to all the registered users of the Deichman Library's public video-on-demand service Filmbib.

Short cuts from Dimitri Lurie work,

Vol.1 ® 2005-1995

Short cuts from Dimitri Lurie work,

Vol.2 ® 2012-2006